Associate Producer

Watch this message from J.P. to get started on becoming an Associate Producer!

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Current Associate Producers

Archie Arnold
K Jason Bryant and David Rephan
Natalie Cruz
Jonathan Fried
Paul Kaefer
Nicole Olila
Joe Perazzo
Bill Shay
Sean Smith

What is an Associate Producer?

To sign-up:

You’re making a serious financial investment in our independent podcast. You’re now an official Associate Producer!

We will recognize this as a professional credit that you can use on your CV.

You now have access to our Associate Producer meeting we will hold once every season. This will be your opportunity to give feedback to us and allow us to run new ideas past you for your thoughts.

You will also receive the list of authors for our upcoming seasons and the chance to give us a question for an author that I will ask during the podcast and credit you with the question (i.e. “Our Associate Producer would like to ask…”).

Additional Benefits

  • Associate Producer role on podcast
  • Your name credited as an Associate Producer on our website
  • VIP access to any live events we have in a given year
  • Shout out in the podcast
  • Social media mentions!