Book Bans

The fight against book bans

Here is our two-part series on The Banned Book Club which is an initiative of the Digital Public Library of America with the nonprofits called Lyrasis and The Palace Project. We aired this series on our podcast The Gaily Show. Watch the videos below or stream them on your favorite podcast app.

In Part 1 of our series, we look at The Banned Book Club, which literally un-bans books in real time. If a book is banned at your school or library, the app automatically gives you access to that book as an e-book. They also provide a map of Book Bans across the United States so you can see what has been banned and by whom.

For Part 2 of our series, I met with the Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America John Bracken to discuss The Banned Book Club and talk more about book bans in the US.

Download the Palace Project app in the Apple App store or on Google Play.

Part 1 (on episode 8 of The Gaily Show)

Part 2 (on episode 9 of The Gaily Show)