To title us “Queer” or not to title us “Queer”

Things I ruminate while producing an LGBT podcast: Queer in a title. So, we had long conversations about should the podcast title be This LGBTQ Book Saved My Life! or This Queer Book Saved My Life!

It felt like LGBTQ felt obvious, and safe, but also a mouth full.

I had already created the Queer Armenian Library and I identify as Queer, so I leaned towards Queer.

I don’t want to get into the whole which acronym is the most inclusive, LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, LGBTQA, etc. etc. I’ve always thought the evolving acronym was cool and necessary. We know more and more about gender and sexuality so wouldn’t it make sense for the acronym to expand? And isn’t it necessary to be in an ever evolving state of what is inclusive?

As we know more, as we change, as we grow, it would seem weird to think our 1975 or 1988 or 1996 or 2008 definitions of inclusive, and equality, and equity would apply to today.

As for Queer being a slur, that’s tough. The straights made all the words slurs. Homosexual pathologized us. The straights turned fairy and queer into slurs. Faggot, I feel, is the most aggressive, toxic, and violent. A bundle of sticks to burn.

Have us queers created a word to pathologize or denigrate straights? Besides adding a negative connotation to straights, which in itself, is an exercise in liberation?

Well, this was the thought process anyway. And I went with Queer because LGBTQ doesn’t roll of the tongue.

Anyhow, this has been ruminations on producing an LGBT podcast.