William Burleson

From Unseen to Seen with William Burleson

Hello! This episode is the recording of our live event at Lush Lounge and Theater. And we welcome back William Burleson! You remember him from Season One, when we discussed how his book Bi America was life-giving for our guest Neil Aasve. Now, William talks with me about the book that saved his life: The…

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From Unseen to Seen – Live at Lush!

Come join us at LUSH Lounge and Theatre in NE Minneapolis from 6 – 8pm on November 10, 2022. See the map below for how to get Lush! The event is free, but we do recommend you RSVP here! We will record our second ever live episode in front of a studio audience featuring author…

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What it means to have a bi community with Neil Aasve and William Burleson

Welcome to our LGBT podcast This Queer Book Saved My Life! In this episode, we talk with fundraiser and philanthropist Neil Aasve (he/him) about the LGBT book Bi America: Myths Truths and Struggles of an Invisible Community by William Burleson. Neil recalls the first time he read Bi America, “I remember my heart pounding. I just remember…

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