Nancy Agabian

Princess Freak with Adrineh Der Boghossian and Nancy Agabian

Hello! Today we meet Adrineh Der Boghossian and we’re talking about the book that saved her life: Princess Freak by Nancy Agabian. And Nancy joins us for the conversation! Adrineh Der Boghossian (no relation!) is is an editor and avid reader who currently works as a project manager for a Vancouver-based book publisher. Originally from…

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Queer people need warning stories too with Nancy Agabian and Carmen Maria Machado

Our premiere episode! We talk with writer and literary organizer Nancy Agabian (she/her) about the book In The Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado. It is a memoir about an abusive queer relationship Carmen had with an ex-girlfriend. Nancy shares how In The Dream House saved her and then we meet Carmen (she/her) to discuss the writing…

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