I knew I was going to be ok when I read about this whole new world with guest Nathan Eckstein


Our guest today is Nathan Eckstein (he/they) who is a writer/playwright and graduate student at the University of Minnesota pursuing a Masters degrees in Architecture. They are also a candidate for another masters degree in Science Research Practices.

Nathan shares with us how the memoir I Am Not Myself These Days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell saved his life. What’s extra special about this episode is that it was recorded live in front of an audience at Lush Lounge and Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. This was a Drag Edition of our podcast with performances from the Haus of Taylor: Connie Taylor, Maiden Taiwan, and a special performance by Eduardo (Nathan!).

I Am Not Myself These Days follows Josh’s life, as well as his drag persona Aqua’s life, as he lives by day working at a So-Ho advertising agency, and by night performs Drag throughout New York. His is a life of vodka and a new relationship with Jack, a BDSM sex worker. The memoir is a tragic-comedy-romance, charting Josh’s, Aqua’s, and Jack’s life as they navigate love, substance abuse, and New York’s 90s subculture.

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On Instagram:

Nathan Eckstein: @notstraightnate
Connie Taylor: @connie_taylormn
Maiden Taiwan: @maiden.taiwan
Also, shout out to photographer Nick Lents who shot the live event! Follow him on Instagram: @nicklents

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Watch Nathan’s Play: Technically Love