LGBT Podcasting Community

Things I ruminate while producing an LGBT podcast: Supporting other LGBT podcasts. When I first got started, as every other podcaster does, I had to do research to see who, if anyone, was running a podcast like ours.

Thankfully, there wasn’t a show exactly like ours. Some were in the same genre, clearly, but none with our specific format.

But more than that, it became important to me to start listening to these shows and promoting them, because we need community, right?

And also, it can be hard to find the podcast you should be listening to because there are literally hundreds of thousands of active podcasts, not to mention the other hundreds of thousands that are no longer producing shows but have great episodes for you to listen to.

So, here are LGBT podcasts I am listening to every week:

Lost Spaces explores queer experiences as told through now-closed bars and clubs. Every episode singer/songwriter K Anderson interviews a different member of the community to find out about a venue from their past, the memories they created there and the people that they used to know. Theme song – ‘Well Groomed Boys’ by K Anderson. Find out more at

Lauren is gay! Nicole is bi! Coming Out with Lauren & Nicole is a weekly podcast where pals Lauren Flans and Nicole Pacent have queer folks from all walks of life tell the tales of how they came out to friends, family, and the world at large. Because who doesn’t love a coming out story?! #comingoutpod #foundricky

Queer Lit is a podcast about LGBTQIA+* literature and culture. In each episode, literary studies researcher Lena Mattheis talks to an expert in the field of queer studies. Topics include lesbian literature, inclusive pronouns and language, gay history, trans and non-binary novels, intersectionality and favourite queer films, series or poems.

Building community, one listen at a time!

This has been ruminations on producing an LGBT podcast.