“Gay” voice

Things I ruminate while producing an LGBT podcast: my “gay” voice. I spent a lot of time in my youths trying to get rid of my “gay” voice, or “gay accent.” I wanted my first career to be in the theater. So, I trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the British American Drama Academy. Every semester we had voice courses. I tried so hard to find my baritones and bass tones and to speak in the Standard American accent – which is an American accent without the regional dialects. I did extra work outside of class with an instructor to get rid of my sibilant “S.” But to no avail. Every time I heard myself on camera or on a recording I just heard a “gay.”


I think this is part of the reason why I loved and perfected my British accent. I felt I didn’t sound gay. Or, maybe, all Brits sound gay and so I didn’t stand out as much? Hmm.

But when I started this podcast I thought, “Oof. Am I going to be able to stand listening to myself this much?” As it turns out, what I actually find myself wondering, as this is an LGBT podcast, is whether or not I sound gay enough. Which of course leads to what does “gay enough” mean?

Do the straights in podcasting spend this much time thinking about their sexual vocal identity?

Anyhow, this has been ruminations on producing an LGBT podcast.