A third season

Things I ruminate about while producing an LGBT podcast: Can I go the distance?

I read a statistic that said most podcasts fail within the first year.


Well, not fail as is everything imploded. More, fail as in the investment of time and resources continues to grow and grow, while the returns don’t seem to keep pace.

I’ll be honest. I’d love to make a solid salary off podcasting. Name your goals right?

Queer creatives don’t make the same money or have the same options as cis-het creatives. It’s not a complaint or whining. It’s objective facts. The question becomes how to respond to it.

I believe in the core mission of both of our LGBT podcasts. We have Associate Producers investing in us. We have a long term partnership with AM950, moving from a 30 minute time slot to a 60 minute time slot. We have had luck in securing sponsors. We’ll, no. Not luck. Jim has been relentless and that has paid off. Literally.

We’ve made it to #38 on Apple Podcasts Books podcast chart. And the top 200 charts for the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Luxembourg. Top 10 for Armenia. We’re in the top 25% of all episodes published on Buzzsprout.

So, we’re about to start our third season of two independent LGBT podcasts. And I don’t know if I should be focused on success yet.

At first it was: can we get kick-ass, professional episodes out into the world? Episodes that reflect the mission and soul of what we want to do?

Yes. We can and did.

Then it was: Can we find partners who also see what we’re trying to do here?

Yes. We can and did.

So, I guess the next step is a question of foundation. Are we laying down the logistical foundation to do this for sucess? Sustainably? (ugh, that word. I know.  But you get what I mean).

Success would be a salary. A hundred episodes. A queer person writing me and telling me a book they heard on the podcast saved their life.

Anyhow, this has been ruminations on running an LGBT podcast.